Hopping DE-155 - History

Hopping DE-155 - History

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(DE-155: dp. 1,400; 1. 306'; b. 36'10"; dr. 9'5"; s. 24 k.; cpl. 186; a. 3 3", 4 1.1", 8 20mm., 2 dct., 8 dcp., 1 dcp. (h.h.); cl. Buckley)

Hopping ( DE-155) was launched by Norfolk Navy Yard, Portsmouth, Va., 9 March 1943; sponsored by Mrs. H. L. Hopping, widow of Lieutenant Commander Hopping; and commissioned 21 May 1943, Lt. Comdr. F. D. Giambattista in command.

The new destroyer escort conducted shakedown training ont of Bermuda and after escorting an LST convoy to Norfolk made a voyage to Casablanca, where she arrived 2 September 1943. There Hopping formed with a new convoy and returned to New York 25 September.

In the year that followed Hopping made nine convoy crossings from New York to United Kingdom ports, bringing vital supplies for the war in Europe. While en route to Britain 3 May 1944 a sister ship, Donnell (DE-56), was torpedoed and seriously damaged as the escort vessels stalked a U-boat. Hopping helped to drive off the marauder with numerous depth charge attacks and then took Donnell in tow. Struggling for 2 days in heavy seas, she managed to bring her sister ship within range of British salvage ships off Ireland, which towed her into Londonderry.

Hopping returned to Frontier Base, Staten Island, during October-November 1944, where she was converted to a high-speed transport. Reclassified APD-51, she underwent shakedown training in Chesapeake Bay and departed Norfolk 20 March 1944 to take part in the Pacific War, then entering its climactic stage. (Pine new transport steamed via the Panama Canal and San Diego to Pearl Harbor, anchoring 15 January 1945. There she trained with Underwater Demolition Teams, the Navy's famed "frogmen", until 13 February, when she got underway for the Philippines. Hopping arrived Leyte Gulf 4 March to prepare for what was to be the last great amphibious campaign of the war, Okinawa.

Hopping sailed for Kerama Retto 21 March with UDT team No. 7 embarked, and during the early days of the campaign carried out many reconnaissance and demolition assignments. When not putting frogmen ashore, the ship acted as screening ship for larger units off Kerama Retto, and while on this duty assisted in splashing several planes the night of 28 29 March. As Marines landed on Okinawa itself 1 April Hopping turned to screening and patrol duties, fighting off numerous Japanese air attacks. While in Buckner Bay on a reconnaissance operation 9 April, the ship engaged a concealed enemY shore battery, and while silencing the gun, sustained several damaging hits. As a result she proceeded to Ulithi for repairs, arriving 23 April 1945.

Hopping was soon back in the thick of the fighting at Okinawa, however, returning 17 May to resume screening duties as the air and land battles raged. She remained off Okinawa continuously until the island was secured fighting off countless mass attacks by the desperate Ja~ anese. The ship sailed 8 August with a convoy bound for Leyte and while in the historic Gulf 15 August learned of the surrender of Japan.

The ship's first occupation duty was to aid in the evacuation of former prisoners of war from Japan. She arrived Japan 11 September and disembarked over 100 former Navy and Marine prisoners at Guam 19 September. Following convoy duty and antimine work in Japanese and Philippine waters, Hopping got underway from Tokyo Bay 24 November 1945 with returnees for the United States. She arrived San Diego 11 December.

Hopping departed San Diego 17 December and after spending short periods at Oharleston and Norfolk arrived Green Oove Springs, Fla., 27 April 1946. She decommissioned 5 May 1947: entered the Atlantic Reserve Fleet; and remained berthed with the Texas group until she was struck from the Navy List in September 1964 and sold 15 August 1966 to Boston Metals Co., Baltimore, Md.

Hopping received one battle star for World War II service.

USS Donnell (DE 56)

Photo from Bureau of Ships Collection in NARA #19-N-55732

On 3 May 1944 USS Donnell (DE 56) (LtCdr G.M. Street, USNR) was escorting convoy CU-22 on her fifth transatlantic voyage, when she made a sound contact and sighted a periscope 450 miles southwest of Cape Clear, Ireland. She prepared for a depth charge attack but at 12.00 hours was hit aft by a Gnat fired from the stern torpedo tube of U-473, causing her own depth charges to explode and blowing off the stern. 29 men were killed and 28 wounded. The disabled vessel was taken in tow by the destroyer escorts USS Reeves (DE 156) (LtCdr J.J. Durney, USNR) and USS Hopping (DE 155) (LtCdr L.F. Lautrel, USNR) until being relieved by the tug HMS Samsonia (W 23) which towed her to Dunnstaffnage Bay, Scotland, arriving on 12 May. All wounded men, three passengers and surplus crew members were transferred to the accompanying destroyer escorts on 6 May, leaving only a skeleton crew of 12 officers and 87 ratings aboard. As all propellers and rudders had been blown away a jib sail made from awnings was rigged to stabilize the crippled vessel during towing.

USS Donnell after being torpedoed as seen from USS Reeves. Photo courtesy of Alison Strehlow

The damage proved to be too extensive for economical repairs, so the destroyer escort was comissioned in July 1944 as accommodation ship USS Donnell (IX 182) at Lisahally, Northern Ireland. In August 1944 towed via Plymouth to Cherbourg where she supplied electric power to shore installations. In February 1945 she returned to England to serve as barracks ship at Portland and Plymouth until towed back to the USA, arriving in Philadelphia on 18 July to be decommissioned on 23 October. She was stricken on 16 November and sold for scrap on 29 April 1946.

Location of attack on USS Donnell (DE 56).

ship a total loss.

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USS Hopping (DE 155)

Converted to High Speed Transport and reclassified as APD-51 on 7 September 1944.
Decommissioned 5 May 1947.
Stricken 1 September 1964.
Sold 15 August 1966 and broken up for scrap.

Commands listed for USS Hopping (DE 155)

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1T/Cdr. Frank Daniel Giambattista, USN21 May 194310 Oct 1943
2Louis Frederic Lautrel, Jr., USNR10 Oct 194316 Aug 1944
3William Jerrold Mcnulty, USNR16 Aug 19441 Oct 1946

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Hopping DE-155 - History

Enrolled here are the shipmates who did not survive the combined efforts of Allied Forces to restore peace to a war-torn world. They are heroes who gave their lives in combat, accident or illness, in service to their country.

We were together once, part of a crew serving in the DE Navy during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. We were all there. These gallant sailors were with us once, but not long enough. They paid the highest price for peace, part of the terrible cost of war, never to enjoy the fruits of victory.

These brave Navy and Coast Guard sailors are honored here, with their ships. They are also enshrined in the hearts of all who knew them.

May these noble men rest in peace they so richly deserve, until we all sail together again.

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7 April 1944
Kenneth R. Hallin F 1/C

10 January 1945
J. F . Bergin S 2/C

4 December 1945
V. L. Adkins S 1/C
E. J. McKernan GM 3/C


30 November 1944
Charles R. Crawford

USS BARR (DE-576/APD-39)

29 May 1944
James E. Adams S 1/C
Carl I. Bennett GM 1/C
Carl N. Burdett GM 3/C
Robert W. Cook PhM 2/C
Thomas G. Ellis S 1/C
Michael H. Gorchyca F 1/C
Gordon B. Haynes CSK
David M. Jenkins F 1/C
Phi l lip E. Marion F 1/C
Leland A. McCabe EM 3/C
William A. Roddy S 2/C
James A. Rouse SM 2/C
James Simmons, Jr. StM 1/C
Jessie C. Strong StM 2/C
Thomas W. Williams Cox

30 May 1944
Meredith K . Brady GM 2/C
Clyde H. Johnson S 2/C

25 May 1945
Virgil L. Adams SM 1/C
Glenn H. Buchner SoM 2/C
Anthony D. Chunko SoM 2/C
John M. Cox S 1/C
Joseph W. Davis Cox
William M. Dillon S 1/C
James M. Eller S 1/C
Robert G. Ellis Cox
John D. Garrido S 1/C
Coy D. Harris S 1/C
Larry G. Hoxie Cox
William E. Lancaster SC 2/C
Robert E. Lynch S 1/C
George Markus S 1/C
Wilmer V. Resner F 1/C
Kenneth J. Ridgeway S 1/C
Anthony Schiff, Jr. MM 3/C
Fred H. Thielen Q M 2/C
Richand A. Torrey S 1/C
Harry A. Towsley F 1/C
Hugh W. Windham StM 1/C

26 May 1945
Woodrow W. Falls, Jr. Cox

9 June 1945
Arthur H. Schwartznau RM 2/C


3 December 1943
Wells CMoMM

16 September 1944
William Henderson Cox
James Perkins S 1/C


17 February 1945
Frank W. Sumpter MoMM3/C

18 February 1945
Kermit Allen BM 2/C
Joseph Arcisz PhM 2/C
Harry T. Blanot CM 1/C
Claudie Bert Boyd StM 1/C
Paul H. Davis S 1/C
James Vincent Di Mauro SC 3/C
Frank Paul Dimeling MM 2/C
Paul C. Goldsborough, Jr. MM 3/C
Paul E. Gordon SF 1/C
Richard William Hawley RM 2/C
Earl E. Hilke MM 2/C
Harold Patterson Jordan S 1/C
Ralph Edwin Krepps MM 3/C
Emmett McLeod, Jr.StM 2/c
Sidney Marshall SoM 2/c
Eugene E. Maki CM 3/C
Hugo M. Novak SC 1/C
Charles Louis Robertso n ST 2/C
James Ignatius Rodgers MM 2/C
Gerald Matthew Schnabel MoMM 2/C
Mike Senedak S 1/C
Joseph Roy Snellenberger EM 2/C
Hoyt Stiles S 1/C
Gordon Sutton WT 2/C
Donald E. Thompson S 2/C
Harry Preston Treadway Cox
Chester Edward Trent,Jr. SC 2/C
Samuel Francis Vince SC 2/C


16 April 1945
Ralph M. Bagley, Jr. RM 3/C
Robert Cowan Baker SM 1/C
Hiland C. Batcheller CM 2/C
Robert Crawford Belk S 1/C
Louis F. Belville S 1/C
Earl Davis Braddy S 2/C
Joseph F. Cassidy CM 3/C
Kent Samuel Chollar SM 3/C
Kenneth A. Clark S 1/C
Alvin Brownlow Clawson S 1/C
Thomas Cosme RdM 3/C
David Lyle Crow RT 1/C
Lawrence Michael Fife SC 3/C
Leon Otis Gerwig F 1/C
James Alton Harris MM 3/C
Harvey Blane Hayes S 1/C
Ralph Harvey Hess QM 3/C
James Edward Honnert QM 1/C
Herbert W. Howard, Jr. Lt.(jg)
Ralph Edward Johnson SoM 3/C
Wayne Wesley Johnson S 1/C
Vincent Peter Killewald GM 2/C
Theodore E. Lanquille RdM 2/C
Buford Joseph LeJeune Y 2/C
Frank E. Martinciu FC 3/C
Paul Laverne Mathieu S 1/C
John Joseph McCardle S 1/C
Robert Baker Mincer SK 2/C
Fred J. Nagy SK 1/C
Howard Wesley Noland Y 1/C
William Norman, Jr. S 1/C
Frederic D. O'Neill Lt.(jg)
Frank Orlowski F 1/C
Roland Arthur Pace SoM 2/C
Frank Thomas Pascaretti GM 2/C
Edward Lee Putt S 1/C
James Landon Ragen S 1/C
Charles Ridgway RdM 3/C
Benjamin Floyd Sanford SC 2/C
William Henry Semmer, Jr. S 1/C
Paul L. Sheeler S 1/C
Thomas T. Simpson Lt.(jg)
Vincent Emenio Squillante F 1/C
Alton Ernest Strange S 1/C
William Neal Tincher RdM 3/C
Samuel Clay Vaden RdM 3/C
Perry H. Wallis ENS
Ray Deny Warren S 1/C
Lewis Wilson Webb RM 2/C
Michael Edward Weber RM 2/C
John Edward West S 2/C
Frank J. Wiesemann F 2/C
Richard S. Winbourne CRM
William D. Wolman LT
William G. Word ENS
Woodrow Wright S 1/C
Gilbert B. Yancey RdM 3/C

17 April 1945
Robert M. Wagner S 1/C

18 April 1945
L. C. Sherrin, Jr. S 1/C

24 April 1945
Michael Aber QM 2/C

12 November 1943
Kenneth J. Hartley LCDR

13 September 1944
Alwynne W. Wood S 2/C

13 September 1944
Ed G. Chariker S 1/C

February 1952
Roy L. Pease, Jr. S 1/C

July 1953
Harry Himmelberger S 1/C


18 November 1944
Albert Roerth SoM 2/C


May 1945
William Leonard S 1/C

USS CHASE (DE- 1 58/APD 54)

10 May 1945
Rufus Hayes F 2/C


7 October 1944
Edwin A. Lowy RT 1/ C

13 June 1945
Zalaman Rosenberg SM 3/C


1 March 1945
Dennis William Judge S 1/C (TM)


5 June 1945
Peter N. Meros LT
Anthony Monti S 1/C
Rudolph Slavich S 1/C


4 July 1943
Fred Williams S 1/C


5 August 1944
Walter W. Priem CSC

January 1945
Howard Tucker RM 3/C

August 1949
W. D. Hamilton BM 2/C

25 October 1944
William Arnold Curtis FC 3/C
Charles Burette Davis, Jr. F 1/C
Maynard Warren Emery F 1/C
George Washington Grater S 1/C
John Andrew Sambo F 1/C


May 1945
Raymond E. Dudding S 2/C

October 1945
Earl J. Garner S 2/C


18 December 1944
William C. Lightning F 1/C
Amador Martinez S 1/C
Lyle W. Roland MS 2/C


15 December 1944
Harold Painter S 1/C


3 May 1944
James B. Beaumont, Jr. F 1/C
Eugene D. Burdue EM 2/C
Harold N. Cohen S 1/C
Guy R. Coleman SM 1/C
John E. Coppinger SF 1/C
William E. Corzine S 1/C
David W. Danner TM 3/C
Lloyd A. Dellinger WT 1/C
George R. Ellison S 2/C
Henry Ferrario MM 1/C
Robert E. Fisher Cox
Victor T. Gallotto S 2/C
Edgar L. Guy, Jr. TM 3/C
Robert C. Hanrahan MM 3/C
James K. Haworth TM 2/C
Lando H. Hendrix WT 2/C
Cortes D. Jackson FC 3/C
William R. Johnson WT 2/C
Richard H. Johnston MM 1/C
Alonzo R. Kashner, Jr. MM 3/C
James H. Mason S 1/C
Thomas C. Matelak SoM 3/C
Edward I. Moskal F 2/C
Edward F. Ryan GM 2/C
Arthur E. Scheff S 2/C
Thomas K Staton MM 3/C
Harry H. Sykes S 1/C
Frederick Wilklow Y 2/C
James L. Wright SM 2/C


22 April 1945
Lawrence Earl McCarthy GM 2/C


June 1944
John W. Propst S 2/C


4 January 1945
Earl R. Giezentanner, Jr. CBM
James L. Kelly Lt.(jg)

5 January 1945
Erwin M. Ewald SM 3/C


22 January 1945
Henry Duncan, Jr. Cox

27 September 1945
Paul Jerome Centonize GM 3/C
Maurice Gunn Covington CPhM
William Doniel StM 2/C
Andrew James Newmes Y 3/C
Andrew Smith S 1/C

4 January 1945
Charles Kenneth Abshire S 2/C

9 May 1945
David Autrey F 2/C
Wayne T. Avery RM 3/C
Jack L. Balderston EM 2/C
Ralph N. Ball F 1/C
William J. Barber S 1/C
Harry W. Beggs RM 3/C
John R. Bell S 1/C
Lee D. Cantrell S 1/C
Albert Chernoff S 1/C
Billy C. Davis S 1/C
Michael T. Di Blasi RM 2/C
Francis J. Faccilo S 2/C
Wyman T. Goodloe StM 1/C
Raymond M. Huffman S 1/C
James Earl Hurst S 2/C
Paul Jacobs EM 3/C
Harold G. Knight, Jr. LT.
Billy H. Kuehnert Cox
Edward E. Lademann S 1/C
William J. Leibrant MM 3/C
Steve Maciboba GM 2/C
Frank S. Manlove CBM
Daniel P. McClain S 1/C
Dix Vinson Moser ENS
William A. Napper S 1/C
Harold S. Powell, Jr. S 1/C
Roland G. Rasmussen SF 1/C
Bernard J. Rau RdM 2/C
Wylie S. Rhodes RM 2/C
George T. Sartwelle, Jr. S 1/C
Milton H. Schindler CRM
James H. Shields F 1/C
Ralph E. Sonanstine RM 3/C
Julius A. Squire, Jr. S 2/C
Myrl R. Stuler ENS

10 May 1945
Stanley A. Larson S 2/C

11 May 1945
Carl H. Bricker SSML 3/C


6 April 1944
Carl Augustus Mims SF 3/C

28 October 1944
Vito Thomas Accardi PhM 2/C
Reny Albert Cox
Donald R. Aldrich S 2/C
Warren H. Arnold F 2/C
Raymond L. Bates S 2/C
Bilton Ross Beed EM 3/C
Burr Brayman, Jr. S 2/C
George William Boland F 1/C
Joseph L. Brennan S 2/C
Merrill C. Brimer S 2/C
Steven L. Brown S 2/C
Charles W. Campbell GM 2/C
Clifford H. Carr F 2/C
Harry E. Clopp, Jr. F 1/C
Nicholas W. Combas S 1/C
Milan W. Cottam S 1/C
Dale F. Cox S 1/C
Robert J. Deshaies S 1/C
Theodore J. Doyle RM 3/C
Frank J. Drobot WT 3/C
Jack Dropkin F 2/C
Nelson W. Elliott WT 3/C
Earl W. Exum F 2/C
Albert J. Faatz S 2/C
Alvin W. Finley MM 1/C
Charles M. Frierson, Jr. F 1/C
Thomas J. Galvin F 1/C
John L. German QM 3/C
Noah A. Graham GM 3/C
Dayton Green F 1/C
Nick Griz SoM 3/C
George E. Hagerdorn F 1/C
Lawrence H. Hamner F 1/C
Randall G. Harbough MM 3/C
Robert J. Hayes F 1/C
Rueben B. Heffel S 1/C
Charles R. Hemstreet F 1/C
Lawrence S. Hitchcock F 1/C
William B. Holder S 1/C
Robert L. Horner S 2/C
Frank R. Inda, Jr. S 2/C
Angelo R. Iovino S 2/C
Lewis J. Isaac MM 3/C
Raymond A. Jambois F 1/C
Bonnie H. Johnson F 2/C
Kenneth Kean S 1/C
Forest H. Kirby SK 1/C
Seymour Kluger F 1/C
Richard T. Kratoska F 2/C
Robert W. Lattimer QM 3/C
Earl H. Lease F 1/C
Alfred A. Lebel F 2/C
Calvin I. Light ENS
Francis A. Macri F 1/C
Domineck J. Merico S 1/C
Robert J. Morrison RM 2/C
William H. Moschelle, Jr. FC 3/C
Dellovare R. Newman, Jr. Y 2/C
Joseph S. Nobile S 1/C
James W. Patterson Y 1/C
Louis Perera F 1/C
Frank J. Petito S 1/C
Raymond A. Pfeiffer S 1/C
Willis M. Pitt WT 1/C
Thomas E. Rearden GM 2/C
Herbert Reiser MM 3/C
Arthur Robert Riddle QM 1/C
Ernest C. Roberg S 1/C
Manuel Saladrigas F 1/C
Edwin F. Schuler LT
Hoyt C. Smith RdM 3/C
John B. Sochalski F 1/C
Robert J. Stella F 1/C
Eugene P. Tomassa Cox
Mervin F. Udell SM 3/C
Edward L. Weide MM 3/C
Robert E. Wiegand SoM 3/C
Robert E. Wilson MM 2/C

30 October 1944
Joseph V. Houdek WT 1/C

31 October 1944
Stephen G. Mroczlowski Lt.(jg)


23 November 1943
Eli Lincoln Smith StM 2/C


23 February 1944
James G. O'Brien EM 3/C


5 May 1944
Joseph Casper Aloi EM 3/C
Chester Joseph Bazidio S 1/C
Romaine O. Blandy ENS
Le Roy Stewart Carlson MM 1/C
Myron Barthelemew Cieswki WT 2/C
Harry Emery Clark MM 2/C
Louis Joseph Contravo F 1/C
James William Craig MM 1/C
Richard Harold Daniels EM 3/C
Clyde Raymond Day MM 3/C
Raymond Camiele De Craemer F 1/C
Howard Leonard Dedrick Y 2/C
Henry Albert Elliott F 1/C
Charles Robert Jacoby CMM
Byron Kenneth Locke RdM 3/C
Thomas Hugh Loyd WT 1/C
Roland Laverne Oberly EM 3/C
Lawrence I. Rosenberg EM 2/C
John N. Scariano. Jr. MM 1/C
William Roswell Smith MM 1/C
James Joseph Tidwell S 1/C
Calvin Doss Weatherly WT 3/C
Robert Stephen Weimer FC 2/C
Roland Guy Wells S 2/C
Charles Roscoe Wilkins S 2/C
Norbert Frederick Wimmer S 2/C

6 May 1944
George Edward Davies MM 3/C
Henry Ossian Redman, Jr. F 2/C

7 May 1944
Floyd Anson Brymer, Jr. F 1/C


22 June 1945
Millard L. Hahn S 1/C

2 August 1944
Herbert Alston StM 1/C
Theadore Askew StM 1/C
Jack L. Best S 2/C
George T. Bradshaw S 2/C
David Busto F 2/C
Edward Campillo TM 3/C
Julian J. Commons QM 2/C
William L. Dickinson Lt.(jg)
Marvin H. Driskell TM 2/C
Robert L. Earnest S 2/C
Bertram M. Engleman CRM
Kenneth W. Eshleman Y 3/C
William G. Essex FC 2/C
Harold E. Garner EM 2/C
Lupe Higareda S 2/C
Carroll A. Hudson MoMM 2/C
Judson L. Knecht MoMM 1/C
Chauncey W. Leppia F 1/C
Harding W. Martinson MoMM 1/C
Harry J. Parker S 1/C
Robert G. Pumphrey CM o MM
Walter A. Ribbentrop MoMM 3/C
Frank Rozman MoMM 3/C
Edward Rutko F 1/C
Harold W. Shaw MoMM 2/C
William M. Snyder CEM
Huston G. Sutton MoMM 3/C
Lawrence R. Utz S 1/C
Charles Vasslowski MoMM 1/C
Warren C. Walden F 1/C
Alfred L. Wheeler F 2/C
Junior H. Yates S 1/C
Melvin H. Zastrow MoMM 3/C


21 November 1944
Anthony B. Marinara Cox
Milton E. Price S 1/C


20 December 1944
Boyce B. Beale, Jr. S 1/C
James M. Beardsworth Y 2/C
Russell S. Boston S 1/C
James Branson EM 2/C
James J. Capogreca PhM 3/C
Richard N. Johnson M 1/C
Nellis F. Jones TM 2/C
Roy A. Loesing S 1/C
August C. Mattes CEM
Gordon D. Nichols F 1/C
James L. Riley TM 3/C
Clarence A. Walker TM 3/C
Raymond W. Weber F 1/C
Andrew W. Yost MM 2/C

23 December 1944
Lillon B. Lynch CBM


James G. Sullivan CSK

12 December 1943
William L. Wilson CEM


9 January 1946
John March F 1/C



24 April 1945
Leland W. Alexander S 1/C
Fred C. Allen, Jr. MoMM 1/C
Howard M. Anderson ENS
Henry Astrin Lt.(jg)
Ezelle O. Bailey MoMM 2/C
Harold F. Baker St 3/C
Walter J. Ballard S 1/C
Ferd S. Bambauer LT
Slerriman T. Bames S 1/C
Kenneth L. Barrus RdM 3/C
Albert A. Barnak S 1/C
Bates F 1/C
Jack O. Beaman S 2/C
Dayton J. Betts MoMM 3/C
William F. Blau RT 1/C
Dennis W. Brann S 1/C
Clyde E. Bridges F 1/C
Oscar L. Bronenkant RM 3/C
Henry S. Brown StM 1/C
Leroy H. Brown Lt.(jg)
Harry R. Burr, Jr. FC 3/C
Thomas R. Campbell S 1/C
Walter T. Cannon GM 3/C
Walthin M. H. Cardwell F 1/C
Clayton L. Carter SM 1/C
Harry E. Chadwick RdM 2/C
R a y A. Cierley MoMM 1/C
Robert B. Cline SC 3/C
Verrill T. Colburn CMoMM
James H. Copeland CSoM
Edward R. Coursey EM 2/C
James R. Crosby LT
Vernon W. Cross SM 3/C
Lawrence J. Denning GM 2/C
John R. Derichemond, Jr. RM 3/C
Roy C. Deviney S 1/C
Willie T. Doster GM 3/C
Joe E. Douthitt MoMM 2/C
William E. Downing Lt.(jg)
Stanley M. Drezewski S 1/C
Harry Drogan F 1/C
William L. Dunn RM 3/C
Robert L. Eckstein MoMM 2/C
John A. Elsby ENS
Kenneth A. Floren RdM 2/C
Edwin C. Floyd, Jr. SM 2/C
Thomas L. Garner BM 2/C
David O. Gentry StM 1/C
William A. Glass MoMM 2/C
John A. Hamlin Ck 3/C
Harry C. Harmon Cox
Frank B. Hanson, Jr. Lt.(jg)
Frank C. Hartranft S 1/C
Charles Ingram S 1/C
John Jacobs EM 3/C
Vincent D. Jacques Cox
Woodrow W. Johns S 2/C
Arthur F. Johnson S 1/C
James P. Kaminer S 2/C
Francis X. Kenney SM 1/C
Lloyd Kerby S 2/C
Robert Klube LT
Robert M. Knott F 1/C
Bernard E. Kuntz Y 3/C
Alfonzo C. Leatherman, Jr. SC 1/C
Harvey L. Lumley S 2/C
John F. McWhorter, Jr. Lt.(jg)
Robert E. Meece SM 2/C
Wayne J. Morgan SoM 2/C
Maynard I. Moyer F 1/C
Bruce E. Murphy Bkr 3/C
Davie B. Musick S 1/C
Paul M. Neighbors Cox
Clifford G. O'Brien S 1/C
Russell B. Palmes, Jr. CSK
Sunda Palumbo S 1/C
Henry G. Parker MoMM 3/C
Robert E. Parks CRM
Robert G. Peoples F 1/C
John Peterson F 1/C
Lorrin L. Peterson EM 3/C
Elwyn L. Petty SF 1/C
Robert W. Philabaum F 1/C
Grover G. Phillips F 1/C
William Plum F 1/C
James A. Reeves SSMB 3/C
William J. Regan, Jr. MoMM 3/C
David A. Rex RdM 3/C
David Richstein EM 2/C
Frank Sadauskas EM 2/C
George N. Sanders, Jr. EM 2/C
William Sanders, Jr. S 1/C
Stanley M. Svey S 1/C
Jack T. Smith CGM
Edward F. Stebbins S 1/C
Arthur D. Strock RT 1/C
Charles M. Taggart Lt.(jg)
Donald R. Taylor RM 3/C
Leonard C. Taylor S 2/C
Willie W. Thompson (?) 3/C
John Tisney S 1/C
William A. Tyree S 1/C
Julius E. Weber MoMM 1/C
Robert C. Wheeler RM 1/C
Richard L. White CMoMM
Roydel K. White S 1/C
Clifford H. Whitten PhM 3/C
Forrest B. Williams MoMM 3/C
Henry Williams S 1/C
George A. Willis WT 2/C
Aeired O. Wosinski SM 3/C
William W. Wright MoMM 3/C
Walter J. Zaydell RM 3/C


7 July 1944
William Hubert Fowler S 1/C


Clyde Edward Buck


27 June 1945
William V. Ball MoMM 3/C

3 November 1945
Clifford J. O'Leary S 1/C


10 January 1945
James William Cameron S 1/C

10 June 1945
Jack Robert Moeller F 1/C
Harry Earl Scott F 1/C


12 January 1945
Thomas Archie, Jr. StM 2/C
John Choman (?)
Vincenzo A. Floramo S 1/C
Clarence Kane TM 2/C
Nash L. Lamb S 1/C
Hugh D. McWaters S 2/C
Arthur B. Munday GM 3/C
Edgar O. Poole S 1/C
John J. Silver GM 3/C
Arthur E. Strom BM 2/C
Robert I. Summerour S 2/C
Emil J. Wesolowski BM 2/C


10 September 1944
Michael I. Talent S 2/C

13 December 1944
R. H. Langdon F 1/C


21 June 1945
George Ackerman, Jr. Ptr 2/C
Raymond Holste, Jr. S 1/C
Truman Montgomery S 1/C
Melvin Wondel


24 November 1952
Robert Joseph Potts MM3


14 June 1944
Harold Dean Lacy S 2/C


17 December 1944
Charles Douglas Smith Cox


March 1944
Edward Marshall ENS


23 October 1945
Gerald G. Grant S 1/C


11 April 1944
Harold M. Armstrong MoMM 3/C
Earle W. Hohensee F 1/C
Harold F. Horner F 1/C
Chester Johnson MoMM 1/C
Ernest J. Kelly F 1/C
Vincent V. Leone MoMM 3/C
Ernest R. Lepage MoMM 3/C
Philip J. Locke F 1/C
David F. Lougheed MoMM 3/C
John F. Lucas F 1/C
Allen F. McKay MoMM 2/C
Leo D. Perkins EM 1/C
Luther R. Pringle MoMM 2/C
Guadalupe P. Salazar S 2/C
Donald L. Swigart MoMM 3/C
Robert E. Tyler LT
Howard B. Vath S 2/C


12 December 1943
Norman F. Becker F 2/C

9 April 1945
Julius F. Jurgelionis MM 1/C


30 July 1945
William P. Foley RM 3/C


7 April 1944
Anthony Alesi S 1/C
Horace L. Thomas CEM


23 November 1944
John T. Cockeram BM 2/C


8 December 1943
Charles E. Ridenour GM 3/C

28 April 1945
Adam Ryba S 1/C

USS JACCARD ( DE - 355 )

8 April 1946
Jeremiah Joseph McCauley, Jr. QM 3/C


William M. Thorpe BT 3/C


6 October 1944
A. M. Navatril S 2/C

November 10th 1944
Roy Smith S 1/C


2 March 1963
Billy Joel Kibby HM 1/C


28 October 1944
Robert E. Roundtree, Jr. RT 2/C


19 November 1945
John Francis Hodges RM 2/C


9 March 1944
Basilio Anchales St 2/C
Jerome Antior F 1/C
Vincent Edward Astyk MM 3/C
John Carl Austgen S 1/C
George Ayrault Lt.(jg)
Joseph Edward Balezon S 2/C
Clyde Edward Ballenger BM 2/C
William Frederick Becker QM 3/C
John Donley Bell S 2/C
Joseph Powers Billet EM 2/C
David Charles Biotti F 1/C
William Harold Bissett S 2/C
Clyde Alvin Boblitt EM 3/C
Robert John Bolton S 2/C
Gilbert Alfred Bordovsky WT 2/C
Huey Leon Bracknell MoMM 1/C
Charles Francis Bradley GM 1/C
Seymour Bressler S 2/C
Shirley Junior Brown S 1/C
James Arthur Busey F 1/C
Richard Lee Cantine S 2/C
Frank Anthony Carbon SK 1/C
William Henry Clark, Jr. MoMM 2/C
Jerald William Claus S 2/C
B. P. Cone LT
Eldridge Hugo Cooper S 2/C
Henry Joseph Corp BM 2/C
Harold Francis Cottreall S 2/C
Michael Joseph Coviello RM 3/C
Robert T. Covington, Jr. MoMM 1/C
Robert Francis Crandall S 1/C
William Stephen Cronin CY
Lindsay Freeman Croswell RM 2/C
Joseph James Croteau S 1/C
Daniel Francis Culkin S 2/C
Francis Patrick Currey SM 3/C
Howard L. Cutler TM 3/C
John Danielski MoMM 2/C
William James Davey S 1/C
Lee Winter Davis F 1/C
Lawrence Thomas Deaton S 1/C
Bartolo DiLuvio F 2/C
Leo Edward Donohue Cox
Harold S. Duhamel Lt.(jg)
Leon Ellis Durrence S 1/C

Joseph Benjamin Eastman MM 3/C
Robert Willis Eick MM 3/C
George Leslie Elliott SC 2/C
Joseph Ellis, Jr. S 1/C
Arthur B. Evans, Jr. Lt.(jg)
Clarence Henry Follman F 2/C
Raymond James Farnsley S 2/C
John Ferencik S 2/C
Charles Marshall Fitzgerald S 2/C
Harry Robert Flinn S 1/C
Edwin Ward Frazier S 1/C
Frank Garside Lt.(jg)
Glenn Dale Geasman SoM 3/C
Robert Walter Gilder MM 3/C
Loris Winfield Giroux CMoMM
Louis McFerrln Goan CMoMM
Richard Leo Graham CQM
Ozzie Lee Greene S 2/C
John David Guenther GM 3/C
William Arthur Gee RM 3/C
John Francis Harrison CM 1/C
Harold Huey Haun RdM 3/C
Daniel Joseph Hayes SM 3/C
John Hanzarak S 1/C
Hans August Claus Hake SC 2/C
Stephen Howard Hamilton S 1/C
John Francis Hefferon EM 1/C
Edward Andrew Heike S 1/C
Claude J. Hoffman Lt.(jg)
William Patterson Hoopes MM 2/C
Albert Edward Hoppe F 2/C
Frank William Hunt SK 2/C
Edward Ingraham S 1/C
Leiser Irving RdM 3/C
Earl Julius J. Jaskowiak S 2/C
Kenneth Jack Johnson F 1/C
Robert Edward Jones RM 2/C
Menceslaus S. Juskiewicz, Jr. CRM
Augustus Spurgeon Kerr CPhM
Benjamin Kinnard, III CRM
Bob Charles Klein S 2/C
William Charles Knox F 1/C
Robert Kratochvil S 1/C
Frank Charles Kurpiel S 1/C
Kingsley Jay La Reau CBM
Gayhart Benedict LaRoche QM 1/C
Ernest Martin Larson, Jr. S 1/C
Theodore Larson (?)M 1/C
William Lichvarcik Y 1/C
Samuel C. Logue ENS
James David Lowrie RM 2/C
Edwin H. Lozon BM 1/C
William Rogerson MacLennan S 2/C
Howard Joseph Marcoullier GM 2/C
Orville Earl Martensen TM 3/C
Albert Peter Mascetti S 1/C
Eugene Wallace Mathews EM 3/C
John S. Miecznikowski MoMM 1/C
Charles Kupraites Miles MoMM 1/C
Everett Vernon Miller S 1/C
Cecil Kirtland Molder S 1/C
Bradner James Moore, Jr. CMoMM
Hugh Joseph Moran S 1/C
WillIam Moster Mosler, Jr. S 2/C
William Arthur Mullinax MM 3/C
Almo Edward Musetti S 1/C
William Henry Neff, Jr. F 2/C
Kenneth B. Nelson Lt.(jg)
Charles Augustus Nicholas S 2/C
John William O'Grady S 2/C
John Ohar S 2/C
Harry William Ott EM 2/C
John Pawlen S 1/C
Victor Camille Pelletier S 2/C
John Wentworth Perkins S 1/C
Leonard Peterson S 1/C
K. C. Phillips CDR
Bennie Ralph Porter S 2/C
Jack Junior Powley MM 3/C
Walter Pruss MM 1/C
John Jacob Reitsema MoMM 1/C
Forrest Dunfee Ridenour S 1/C
Joseph Louis Roberts GM 3/C
John Galvin Robinette GM 3/C
Elwood Eugene Rotruck S 1/C
Donald Merrill Rowell GM 3/C
Vance Eugene Ryan S 1/C
Eddie 'B' Samson St 1/C
Edward Arthur Savage MoMM 2/C
Joseph Horace Savoy PhM 3/C
William Joseph Schmalfuss RM 3/C
Elmer Stephen Simon S 2/C
George Simpson StM 2/C
Howard Reese Sitgreaves F 1/C
Edwin Dupes Snook StM 2/C
Marshall Fulliviove Snook CGM
William E. Spencer Lt.(jg)
Willard Leroy Starrett S 1/C
Lyle William Stepanek S 1/C
Eddie Milton Stevens StM 2/C
James Alfred Stobart S 2/C
Richard Price Storts S 2/C
John Ackerly Strouse QM 3/C
Raymond Eugene Sullivan MoMM 1/C
Virgil Leroy Sutton F 2/C
Leon Emmett Sweeney S 1/C
Jacob Talsma F 1/C
John Tamas, Jr. RM 1/C
William N. Tillman ENS
Paul Timocko S 1/C
Charles W. Valaer ENS
Rene Vallet SC 2/C
William James Van Egmond S 1/C
Dala Leon Vance S 2/C
Lester Andrew Wahl MoMM 2/C
Walter Lee Ward RM 3/C
Frank Wassilak, Jr. Cox
John Howard Wassmer S 1/C
Ray Leonard Wells S 2/C
Robert J. Wescott Lt.(jg)
James Peter White S 2/C
Paul William Wigger MoMM 1/C
Lester Brayton Wingate SoM 2/C
Francis Frederick Winter Y 2/C
Sheeman Francis Woodin F 2/C
Gabriel De Vaber Wright Cox


10 January 1945
Louis S. J. Boero S 2/C
Dan Bryant, Jr. StM 1/C
Wade H. Cottingham SC 2/C
Joseph H. D. Ellison S 1/C
James E. Humbert S 1/C
Joseph Kimble, Jr. StM 1/C
Lorrin R. Koapke S 1/C
James B. Vehorn Y 1/C
Lewis White OC 2/C

11 January 1945
William W. Boggess, Jr S 2/C

26 January 1945
William S. Haney SK 1/C


21 October 1952
Richard E. Brower BT 1/C
James T. Crossman F 1/C
Arnold W. Karlin BT 1/C
Raymond E. Remers BTG 1/C
David J. Schmit (?)
George A. Schofield, Jr. (?)
Floyd Sneed (?)

7 December 1944
Chester A. Bassett Lt.(jg)
Henry J. Beeftink S 1/C
Lloyd C. Brogger LCDR
Frank J. Caramanica F 2/C
Sylvester Cunningham LCDR
Thomas Gaylord Daine S 1/C
James D. Deane SM 3/C
Frederick M. Denning S 1/C
Theodore J. Dumas S 1/C
Glenn V. Eagon S 1/C
Wynn Epler SK 2/C
William H. Freeman, Jr. S 1/C
Albert P . Gabler S 1/C
Joseph E. Gilbert Lt.(jg)
William B. Graddy, Jr. RM 1/C
Jerome W. Greenbaum LT
Thomas E. Gurski S 2/C
Melvin H. Hitchner RdM 2/C
Clarence W. LaFollette CX(AA)
Morris Smead Lowman RdM 2/C
Thomas E. McAlpine, Jr. LT
Edward A. Matyas RdM 2/C
James A. Murphy, Jr. Lt.(jg)
Donald R. Neff FC 3/C
Kenneth L. Olson F 1/C
Joseph A. Paradis, Jr. SM 1/C
Joseph M. Perez Y 2/C
Nathan F. Piccirilli ENS
Donald A. Russell RM 3/C
Thomas A. Simcox SoM 2/C
Angelo A. Solano SM 2/C
Robert Clair Teague RdM 3/C
Sidney F. Thompson SK 1/C
John A. Vasquez S 1/C
Raymond H. Zeck EM 2/C

8 December 1944
Stewart C. MacLean S 1/C

10 December 1944
Gerald J. Leshok Lt.(jg)

14 December 1944
Philip E. Walker S 1/C

9 December 1944
Norman L. Kanda SM 3/C


November 1943
J. R. Fielder BM 2/C


5 February 1944
Franklin H. Jackman GM 1/C
William C. Witt S 1/C

27 May 1945
Thomas A. Kelley S 1/C
William R. Logan BM 2/C

28 May 1945
Barney M. Graves Cox

20 February 1945
William M. Smith CBM

17 August 1945
Edward P. LaFlamme Y 2/C

30 October 1945
Louis J. Cassazza S 1/C
Michael C. Heil SC 1/C
Thomas A. Morphew S 1/C
William O. Ruthledge S 2/C
David L. Washburn EM 1/C

11 April 1945
Bruce H. Weigel CEM

7 September 1945
Milo Robert Kendall BM 1/C


21 February 1945
Ralph Pyatt CM 2/C

3 May 1944
Laveme C. Brugger CMoMM
Leonard J. Cataldo GM 1/C
Angelo Cataloni S 1/C
Joseph A. De Young BM 1/C
Woodrow Elaman AS
Homer N. Etchison TM 3/C
Raymond J. Galary S 1/C
Jonathan D. Grout LT
Carl L. Hall S 1/C
Elmer C. Hoffman TM 2/C
Joseph L. Hoodock, Jr. F 1/C
Delmar H. Koch S 1/C
Robert J. La Vonier F 1/C
Wilbur J. McSorley ENS
Walter B. Minor QM 3/C
Richard H. Missbach F 1/C
Joseph S. Misukonis BM 2/C
Boyce R. Nichols S 1/C
Buel B. Oglesby TM 3/C
Angelo Petrolini S 2/C
Joseph Pirri S 1/C
Alphonse F. Raymond S 2/C
Paul R. Risner S 2/C
Carver G. Sanders BM 2/C
George T. Sanders S 2/C
Joseph Seppi S 1/C
David R. Schuck S 1/C
Stanley S. Stewartz S 2/C
Robert E. Thompson S 2/C
Howard J. Woods F 1/C
Edmund F. Zemroz MoMM 3/C

8 May 1944
Joseph Meehan S 1/C

8 April 1945
Ralph V. Barrick EM 1/C
Asa Trahan S 2/C

21 August 1944
Francisco Portas RM 2/C

20 February 1945
Maurice Lee Plant RM 1/C

26 May 1945
Lawrence Robert Costello GM 1/C
Donald Lee Domer Cox

9 May 1945
Fred L. Brown WT 2/C
Erwin M. Cash S 1/C
Thomas H. Edwards WT 3/C
James P. Franklin S 1/C
Elmer Hagemeier WT 2/C
David M. Hill F 1/C
Millard T. Jenkins F 1/C
Solon K. Lineberry EM 3/C
William J. MacElderry WT 3/C

15 May 1945
Ovid M. Boswell MM 1/C

30 June 1944
George Leo Hoshall GM 3/C


7 February 1945
James Mourer Smith S 2/C

11 December 1945
Roy Wilton F 1/C

12 April 1945
John A. Barrow RM 3/C
L. C. J. Bone S 2/C
James M. Breithaupt SF 1/C
George W. Brooks S 1/C
Raymond Carter StM 1/C
Louis L. Crombar F 1/C
Raymond Lee Deese S 1/C
John W. Griffitts S 1/C
William O'Toole Johnson GM 2/C
Orvel Jones SC 2/C
Robert B. Lawson S 2/C
Wilbert J. Martin S 1/C
Earle D. Mueller BM 2/C
Anton Frank Njirich SM 3/C
Alexander Gordon Taylor EM 3/C
Charles L. Turpin EM 3/C
Ervin Vance S 1/C
Clarence R. Wallace MoMM 2/C
Jack W. Wynne S 1/C

13 April 1945
David Hinton Edwards, Jr. SC 2/C
Virgil Leon Holladay S 2/C

November 1944
William Jackson ENS

27 May 1945
Frank H. Gerard Lt.(jg)
Clair S. Shurr F 1/C
Carl W. Taylor PhM 2/C


30 July 1945
Lee Green EM 2/C

30 October 1945
Raymond Lee Carroll, Jr. SC 2/C
Ray Civils St 3/C
Warren Harding Greer Ck 2/C
Henry James McClaflin EM 1/C
William A. Robinson S 1/C

8 June 1944
Marvin R. Adkinson EM 3/C
Lloyd V. Anderson WT 3/C
Raymond Benjamin MM 3/C
Walter Berger CCS
Robert L. Berry CBM
Anthony S. Bilotti CY
Francisco N. F. Blas Ck 2/C
Thomas W. Bowmer S 2/C
John O. Clark MM 3/C
Frank G. Cody EM 2/C
Hubert F. Comer CM 2/C
Clarence N. Copeland StM 2/C
Hassell S. Coward MM 3/C
Benjamin K. Crawford SC 2/C
Peter S. Decimos WT 3/C
Sam J. Deguilmi F 1/C
Warren T. Delaval SoM 3/C
William C. Diefenbach, Jr. Cox
Clifford L. Drake RdM 3/C
Marvin J. Drake MM 3/C
Leonard Ferraro EM 1/C
Frank Felenchak WT 3/C
John B. Ferreira S 1/C
Richard D. Foust MM 3/C
Ernest G. Fox GM 2/C
George A. Gass SK 2/C
Frederick V. Gegen GM 2/C
Richard J. Grisim S 1/C
Barnett M. Head S 2/C
William H. Heyman Lt.(jg)
Roy E. Hickox GM 3/C
Richard E. Hiller EM 3/C
Liston L. Hines S 2/C
James G. Holland S 1/C
Leo T. Holt MoMM 3/C
John C. Johnson F 1/C
James H. Joyner S 2/C
Clifford C. Kalupa SoM 2/C
Stewart F. Hauffman RT 1/C
John J. Kelly EM 3/C
William M. Kelly GM 3/C
Thomas A. Kishel S 1/C
Edward S. Kiopotic EM 1/C
Edmund J. Kozlik MM 1/C
Kenneth J. Kraus S 1/C
Fiorendo F. Lacorte S 1/C
Norbert F. Lankheit S 2/C
Walter Latham GM 3/C
James H. MacLaughlan, Jr. S 1/C
John F. Mahneck S 2/C
Calvin E. Martin F 1/C
Cecil E. May S 1/C
Reid C. McInturff S 1/C
Thomas G. Miller RM 2/C
Thomas C. Moran S 1/C
Robert L. Osborn ENS
Robert Peachey S 1/C
William G. Pearson LCDR
Marion J. Piekarski SoM 3/C
Hardy L. Pilkinton PhM 1/C
Santo Porto GM 3/C
Leo J. Rakecki SoM 2/C
Frank S. Russo BM 2/C
Bertil G. Scott M 2/C
Frank J. Searing Y 1/C
James P. Servidio F 2/C
Wilson F. Skinner S 2/C
William T. Slade S 2/C
Herman E. Smith, Jr. MM 3/C
James C. Smith S 1/C
Leo F. Smith F 1/C
Nicholas V. Solla F 2/C
Travis D. Stephens GM 2/C
John B. Sullivan S 2/C
James Tabor S 2/C
Eugene F. Thomas TM 3/C
Richard Vanderwende F 1/C
Paul L. Virga M 3/C
Bobby R. Ward S 2/C
Douglas E. Ward S 2/C
Milton T. Ward F 1/C
John F. Warne WT 3/C
Harley B. Weatherman WT 3/C
Ralph E. Wolfe EM 3/C
Robert C. Wood SM 3/C
William T. Wright SC 3/C

9 June 1944
Harold J. Obenauer ENS

10 June 1944
Milton A. Albin CGM
Carlie E. Black S 1/C
Robert C. Grantham WT 3/C

16 June 1944
Alex W. Grethe, Jr. EM 3/C


25 October 1944
James Bednar S 1/C
Lewis W. Hughes S 1/C
Alvin L. Stoney BM 2/C


George Murphy GM 3/C


13 April 1944
Samuel Clemmens SC 1/C

12 April 1945
Obria W. Bailey StM 2/C


6 August 1944
Christopher Plummer FC 2/C

29 September 1945
Conley Blease Gibson, Sr. S 1/C
James Howard Stanley S 1/C
William Frank Wise S 1/C

17 November 1944
David N. Skinner GM 3/C


25 October 1944
Russell Abair, Jr. S 1/C
Albert L. Abramson S 2/C
Wilber E. Anderton RdM 3/C
Francis P. Bard WT 3/C
Harold Barrett S 2/C
Ray E. Bartlett F 1/C
Fred W. Bates S 2/C
Richard A. Bingaman F 1/C
Norbert F. Brady MM 3/C
Lloyd C. Braun MM 2/C
Vernon R. Butler S K 3/C
William F. Butterworth, Jr. F 2/C
Joseph W. Cadarette, Jr. BM 2/C
Paul Henry Carr GM 3/C
Robert P. Cummings MM 3/C
John K. Davis S 2/C
John H. DeBellis F 1/C
Ralph Decubellis F 1/C
Elroy Downs S 2/C
Cecil First StM 1/C
Albert H. Freye MM 3/C
Leonard N. Gallerini S 2/C
J. C. Goggins Cox
Leonard S. Goldstein S 2/C
Martin C. Gonyea PhM 3/C
John R. Gray EM 2/C
Joseph F. Green SK 2/C
James A. Gregory S 1/C
John J. Groller GM 3/C
Frederick A. Grove CWT
Justin C. Haag MM 2/C
Woodrow W. Harris S 1/C
Donald R. Hausman GM 3/C
Hubert B. Hawkins S 2/C
Troy T. Hodges F 1/C
Enoch Hood S 2/C
Jacob D. Kensler F 1/C
Fred Kilburn S 1/C
Charles E. Knisley S 1/C
Chester P. Kupidlowski F 1/C
Lewis C. Kyger F 2/C
John S. Le Clercq, Jr. Lt.(jg)
Joseph Lecci F 1/C
Herman J. Levitan F 1/C
John Locke, Jr. S 1/C
Louis V. Longo F 1/C
Shirley R. Macon CGM
Edward M. Maher RM 3/C
Thomas J. Mazura SM 3/C
George H. Merritt FC 3/C
Herman E. Meyer F 1/C
Mike Miller GM 2/C
John J. Moran MM 1/C
William C. Mort WT 3/C
Steve Mudre S 1/C
Charles W. Natter SM 3/C
John J. Newmiller S 2/C
Dudley B. O'Connor, Jr. WT 2/C
Clarence E. Oliver MM 3/C
Joseph Orlowski S 2/C
Jerry G. Osborne WT 1/C
John J. Paone S 2/C
Hilon R. Pierson CMM
Leopold P. Riebenbauer ENS
Charles A. Ross S 2/C
John T. Rozzelle S 1/C
Arthur E. Saylor, Jr. F 1/C
Darl H. Schafer CM 2/C
Harold K. Scott S 1/C
Russell W. Shaffer S 2/C
Charles N. Smith CMM
Melvin L. Spears S 2/C
Gilbert J. Stansberry S 2/C
Charles Staubach CEM
William E. Stovall S 2/C
Fred A. Strehle SC 1/C
John J. Sullivan, Jr. EM 3/C
Willard A. Thurmond S 1/C
Herbert W. Trowbridge LT
George P. Ulickas MM 2/C
Percy H. Wallace S 1/C
James K. Weaver EM 2/C
Thomas R. Wetherald MM 1/C
Cloy W. Wethington MM 2/C
Charles J. Wilson S 2/C
Frank M. Zaleski S 2/C
John R. Zunac F 1/C

26 October 1944
Robert W. Fickett S 2/C

27 October 1944
Eugene Wagner F 1/C

28 October 1944
Tulilo J. Serafini CRM


11 April 1945
Robert Cecil Allen Cox

25 October 1944
Edward C. Moritz S 1/C

USS SCHMITT (DE -676 /APD-7 6 )

17 December 1943
Gerald McCarthy S 1/C


3 October 1944
Bert H. Bonnell CM 3/C
Lemont C. Brolliar F 1/C
Terance M. Clark M 2/C
Edward R. Clinton S 1/C
Philip S. Deteresi TM 3/C
Oliver H. Greebon SF 1/C
Abraham Minofsky S 2/C
Joseph J. Pinzini S 2/C
Max F. Schmitt LT
Richard J. Schnell S 2/C
Winson Sloan S 2/C
George B. Tribble, Jr. ENS

5 October 1944
Raethel C. Baize S 2/C

30 April 1946
John Lawrence Berrigan S 2/C
Charles Edward Kline GM 1/C
Elisha Nelson, Jr. S 2/C
Eugene Paul Norman CBM
William Scott Reardon F 1/C
Victor Francis Sousa GM 3/C
Ernest W. Worrell Lt.(jg)

5 January 1945
Alfred Giroux F 1/C

6 January 1945
Vito Masi WT 3/C

3 November 1944
Paul Allen Gager BM 2/C

28 May 1944
Sturling T. Johnson S 1/C

17 September 1945
Raymond Ala LT
James McDonald GM 2/C
Fay Stafford BM 2/C

16 April 1945
Howard William Marstellar TM 3/C

Herbert G. Williams StM 1/C

24 July 1945
Stanley J. Abcunas S 1/C
John R. Anderson Y 1/C
Kenneth I. Austin S 2/C
Michael Bandurich RM 3/C
Alvin E. Beard WT 1/C
Ralph E. Bledsoe S 1/C
John Raymond Boyd RM 3/C
Jack L. Brazael F 1/C
Ray G. Buchanan Cox
Robert E. Burkett Cox
Harold R. Cain S 1/C
Michael D. Capperelli RdM 2/C
Albert W. Carison RM 3/C
Floyd P. Carrington Lt.(jg)
Lawrence L. Cashin CSK
John T. Caskey LT
Joseph Nolte Christie LT
George H. Compliment S 1/C
Jay H. Conlin RdM 3/C
Dixon P. Connolly Lt.(jg)
Fred A. Cooper, Jr. MM 2/C
Henry C. Cosker RdM 2/C
William C Coyne RdM 2/C
William N. D'Amore QM 3/C
Donald L. Davis SC 1/C
Donald C. Deaton RdM 3/C
Alphonse S. Dinardo CY
Carl W. Dittmar QM 2/C
James A. Doherty SM 1/C
Farrell Joseph Dolan WT 2/C
Bert W. Donaldson S 1/C
John T. Dye LT
Charles H. Fahringer S 1/C
Thomas F. Ferguson S 1/C
William J. Farrell GM 3/C
Arthur L. Fisher S 1/C
Nicholas Fondacaro S 1/C
Lewis J. Frantz S 1/C
Albert T. Friel GM 3/C
Baxter W. Garrett S 1/C
Howard George CQM
Frank F. Grandineetti BM 1/C
Cecil Greene S 1/C
Roscoe E. Hand EM 3/C
Ollie J. Harper St 3/C
Harold H. Hartwell, Jr. Lt.(jg)
John P. Hayward LT
Donald A. Heist S 1/C
Cecil R. Heming SoM 3/C
Edward H. Higgins RdM 3/C
Richard H. Hogus, Jr. EM 1/C
Leonard F. Howard EM 1/C
John M. Howell SM 3/C
Benjamin C . Hubbard, Jr. Lt.(jg)
Lester H. Hughes WT 2/C
John W. Jackson StM 2/C
James W. Jiggetts StM 1/C
Richard Johnson S 1/C
Walter J. Joseph S 1/C
Vincent S. Joss SM 2/C
Richard D. Keller SSML 2/C
Richard Keneipp, Jr. Cox
Willis P. Knight S 1/C
Maurice J. L'Abbe S 2/C
Robert G. Lacey Y 1/C
Henry A. Lord MM 1/C
Donald M. Marks F 1/C
Dudley E. Marquis SF 1/C
Henry J. Masalski EM 2/C
David Paul McBride RM 2/C
Gordon C. McCarty SoM 2/C
William G. Mcllvride SoM 2/C
Edison C. McMurray SoM 2/C
Thermon Miller StM 1/C
Stanley E. Moon SoM 1/C
Richard A. Morrson RT 1/C
John S. Murray RM 3/C
Lawrence C. R. Nadelhoffer EM 1/C
Robert M. Newcomb LCDR
Fred W. Nicklaus CPhM
Norman N. Niederstadt S 2/C
Sigvard E. Odden CRM
Joseph E. Ott Cox
Kenneth C. Page S 2/C
William M. Patrick S 1/C
Herbert W. Patton S 1/C
Alfred A. Pihlaksar GM 3/C
Roger A. Plante RM 3/C
Edward W. Ponas S 1/C
Francis X. Quinn S 1/C
Edward J. Radka SM 3/C
Howard L. Roberts SSM B 3/C
Leroy Rozier S 1/C
Talmage Sanders Ck 2/C
George P. Scanlan, Jr. ENS
Alfred J. Schiavone RM 2/C
Robert L. Shaw WT 2/C
Joseph Shostak BM 1/C
Edwin Smith S 1/C
James E. Smith MM 3/C
Adams J. Sobiech S 1/C
Michael Sudik, Jr. FC 1/C
Stanley J. Szymanski WT 3/C
George F. Toomey RM 3/C
Adam J. Urish B 3/C
Ernest E. Vance Bkr 3/C
John J. Vitullo SC 1/C
John E. Wagner EM 3/C
Edmund L. Wegman S 1/C
Herbert G. Williams
Vincent J. Willis RdM 3/C
John Zak S 1/C

25 July 1945
Harold M. Scott EM 3/C

14 January 1944
Leonard L. Scriver WT

15 November 1944
William Francis Ray MM 1/C

27 March 1946
Tom Fred McLean S 2/C

7 April 1945
Robert J. Butara Y 3/C
Arnold Cohen MoMM 2/C
Lewis A. Guida CM 2/C
Alfred J. McLaughlin, Jr. S 1/C
Harold W. Penny Y 3/C
Joseph S. Schembri GM 3/C

8 Apri1 1945
Henry R. Sherril S 1/C

10 Apri1 1945
G. C. A. Hartwig S 1/C


12 April 1945
William H. Anderson S 1/C
Earl Leon Barrett S 1/C
Thomas O. Barts RdM 3/C
James E. Braden, Jr. RdM 2/C
William H. Breeding BM 2/C
Wilbur Yates Bullock LT
Paul T. Carter F 2/C
Delmer R. Clevinger F 1/C
Louis Cohen RT 3/C
James J. Colvin RM 3/C
John T. Cowart EM 3/C
Norman J. Duncan Lt.(jg)
Norman E. Ellsworth GM 1/C
Clarence J. Emanuel GM 3/C
James A. Emfinger S 1/C
Thomas W. Graddick SM 1/C
Landon M. Hazel SM 1/C
Leon O. Hudson FC 3/C
Harold C. Jacobson FC 1/C
Delar D. Johnson S 1/C
Francis B. Jones S 1/C
Alexander J. Kauten QM 3/C
Connie Lambert S 1/C
Emanuel P. Larson RT 1/C
Arthur H. Lawien, Jr. RM 3/C
James P. Lee QM 3/C
James R. Liles RdM 3/C
Alvin E. Livingston S 1/C
True Odell Loftin RdM 3/C
Elbert L. Malpass S 1/C
Manuel Earnest Marquess RdM 3/C
James X. Mochack RM 3/C
Frank A. Mussetter Y 2/C
John A. McCord, Jr. SK 1/C
Irving Paul RdM 2/C
Robert J. Purtell LT
Clarence W . Raith QM 1/C
John A. Slosar Y 1/C
Theodore Payne Ward S 1/C
James R. Winkelhausen SoM 2/C
Ernest M. Yarboro Cox
Arthur L. Yost S 1/C

October 1955
James Fastwolf


12 March 1945
Charles Russell Ashley S 1/C

29 September 1945
Watson D. Lambeth S 1/C


28 March 1944
Samuel G. Ratliff, Jr. Cox

6 April 1945
Edward K. Asbeck EM 1/C
Harold R. Fahrenkrug WT 1/C
Leonard F. Keeker F 1/C
Francis J. Ogrodnik WT 3/C
Vincent La Selva WT 3/C
Benjamin Zack F 2/C

BT - Boiler Tender
BTG - Shipboard Boiler Tender
HM - Hospital Medic

Click here for a printable version of the Roll of Honor
This page is updated as information becomes available. The updated date appears at the top of the page.
PLEASE be sure you print the most recent version of the Roll so that you have the most correct copy.

Webmaster Note - These names were copied from a previous issue of DESANews and from a publication by DESA, "Roll of Honor". However, there are errors in these publications. This is apparent from numerous misspellings in the document - "C" printed as "O", "E" printed as "F", "i" printed as "l", "l" printed as the number "1", for example. Initially, Assistant Webmaster Tony Polozzolo and I spent countless hours correcting the spellings on this Roll and the project has continued over the past 8 years and continues indefinitely. During this time, I have contacted former crewmembers and obtained copies of official reports noting those KIA/MIA. This information has been used to make corrections and additions. We have made every effort to present correct information but know errors still exist that we are unaware of. If you find an error or omission, please contact me with the correct information.


HOPPING returned to Staten Island, and during October-Novembe r 1944, she was converted to a high-speed transport. Reclassified APD-51, she underwent shakedown training in Chesapeake Bay. Then she departed Norfolk on 20 December 1944, to take part in the Pacific War, then entering its climactic stage. The new transport steamed via the Panama Canal and San Diego to Pearl Harbor, anchoring on 15 January 1945. There she trained with Underwater Demolition Teams, the Navy's famed "frogmen", until 13 February, when she got underway for the Philippines. HOPPING arrived in Leyte Gulf on 4 March, to prepare for what was to be the last great amphibious campaign of the war, on Okinawa.

HOPPING sailed for Kerama Retto on 21 March with Underwater Demolition Team No. 7 aboard, and during the early days of the campaign carried out many reconnaissance and demolition assignments. When not putting frogmen ashore, the ship acted as screening ship for larger units off Kerama Retto, and while on this duty assisted in splashing several planes the nights of 28-29 March. As Marines landed on Okinawa itself, on 1 April, HOPPING turned to screening and patrol duties, fighting off numerous Japanese air attacks. While in Buckner Bay on a reconnaissance operation, on 9 April, the ship engaged a concealed enemy shore battery. While silencing the gun, HOPPING sustained several damaging hits. As a result, she proceeded to Ulithi for repairs, arriving on 23 April 1945.

HOPPING was soon back in the thick of the fighting at Okinawa, returning on 17 May to resume screening duties as the air and land battles raged. She remained off Okinawa continuously until the island was secured, fighting off countless mass attacks by the desperate Japanese. The ship sailed on 8 August with a convoy bound for Leyte, and while in the historic Gulf on 15 August, learned of the surrender of Japan.
The ship's first occupation duty was to aid in the evacuation of former prisoners of war from Japan. She arrived in Japan on 11 September, and disembarked over 100 former Navy and Marine prisoners at Guam on 19 September. Following convoy duty and work supporting minesweepers in Japanese and Philippine waters, HOPPING got underway from Tokyo Bay on 24 November 1945 with returnees for the United States. She arrived in San Diego on 11 December.

HOPPING departed San Diego on 17 December, and after spending short periods at Charleston and Norfolk, arrived in Green Cove Springs, Fla., on 27 April 1946. She decommissioned on 5 May 1947 entered the Atlantic Reserve Fleet and remained berthed with the Texas group until she was struck from the Navy List in September 1964. She was sold on 15 August 1966 to Boston Metals Co., in Baltimore, Md.

Raid on the Marshall Islands

On February 1, 1942, Task Force 17, led by VADM William Halsey, Jr. (USNA '04) struck Jaluit, Mili, and Makin (Butaritari) islands. The Task Force was centered on USS Yorktown (CV 5), with USS Louisville (CA 28) among her escorts.

George Bellinger '32, Francis Maher, Jr. '35, and Jack Moore '36 were all flying from Yorktown and were all lost that day. George Bellinger's plane simply "failed to return" he had last been seen in the vicinity of Jaluit as the leader of a bombing section. Jack Moore's plane also "failed to return" no other information was given in the after-action report. Francis Maher may have been the pilot of the plane observed in the water approximately 20 miles astern of the carrier, presumably having crashed due to a lack of fuel. The crew were seen getting into rubber rafts, but "a destroyer was immediately sent back but failed to make contact."

A fourth graduate, Edward Worthington '34, was lost when his float plane, launched from Louisville , went missing and was possibly shot down by a Japanese patrol bomber.

Separately, Task Force 8 was raiding other islands in the group. Hallsted Hopping '24, commanding officer of Scouting Squadron (VS) 6, flying from USS Enterprise (CV 6). His aircraft was shot down by a Japanese fighter and he and his gunner were both killed.

All three of the documents below are via Matt Robbins '04. Note times are in Greenwich mean time.

Appalachian Authors Blog


When I first read this book a different picture emerged. I was caught up in the heroism of the mother and her family of six children left to “keep the home fires burning” while the father of the household went off to fight in World War II.

On this, the second reading, a whole new picture unfolds. This is a historian’s delight because of the diary kept by William Truman Fleming, the author’s father. It is an account or log of the excitement, the danger, the friendships, the fear, and the boredom of a young man’s life during World War II aboard a U. S. Navy destroyer, USS Hopping, DE 155/APD 51, while fighting a fierce enemy in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

In this book, Darrell Fleming, the author shows a superb command of language usage as well as storytelling talent. It is difficult to write history in such a way that it informs but is not pedantic. Rather than boring the reader, Mr. Fleming entertains and enlightens.

The book is diligently researched and shows a devotion to making it authentic in every detail. The many pictures and records copied into the manuscript should make this book of archival value for World War II historical records of any place which seeks authentic data.

The pride and patriotism of the author colors every page in such a way that one comes away from the reading with a desire to go out and salute the flag. He writes of a time when Americans loved America so much that they were willing to serve and sacrifice for a homeland endowed from on high with a new birth of freedom for all within its borders.

Not being of a military turn of mind, I still left this book with a feeling that dedicated and brilliant commanders can lead men to perform dramatic and heroic deeds without once thinking of self. The commander of the USS Hopping, DE 155/APD 51 was just such a commander and the men serving under him did him and America proud.

I salute the author and all those brave young men who sailed with William Truman Fleming and fought to insure that we today can salute the flag and proudly say “God Bless the USA.”

If you haven’t read this book and love authentic history then you would do well to get a copy.

Sunday Ship History: Powerhouse Ships

Interesting bit of naval history contained in U.S. Navy Humanitarian Relief? amidst a discussion of how U.S. Navy ships could be used to provide emergency electrical power during certain civil disasters like hurricane Katina:

During World War II, there were seven destroyer escorts converted into Turbo-Electric Generators (TEG) specifically for the purpose of providing electrical power to shore facilities. They were the Donnell (DE-56), Foss (DE-59), Whitehurst (DE-634), Wiseman (DE-667), Marsh (DE-699), and two British lend-lease ships Spragge (K-572, ex-DE-563) and Hotham (K-583 ex-DE-574)1. Data for these ships are sparse in general.

Consider the Wiseman, for which more data is available. This ship had oil fired boilers producing steam to turn turbine generators which in turn powered electric propulsion motors. This electric ship configuration is optimal for providing electric power ashore since all the power in the ship is already being converted to electric. The Wiseman had transformers and cable reels topside to deliver power at high voltages over relatively long distances. Wiseman powered the city of Manila during WWII and the port of Mason during the Korean War. Wiseman delivered 5,806,000 kWh to Manila over five and a half months2, giving an average generation capability greater than 1.4 MW.

The US Army also used ship to shore power to power remote stations. One notable case is that of the Sturgis/MH-1A, A WWII era Liberty ship equipped with a nuclear power plant used to provide power to the Panama Canal Zone from 1968 to 19753. The MH-1A power plant on the Sturgis generated 10MW electrical power which allowed the canal locks to be operated more frequently.

See here for a previous post on floating nuclear power plants, including the Sturgis.

It appears that the above quoted paragraph may need some addition -
according to DANFS here, USS Whitehurst after taking a hit from a Kamikaze was converted from a pure DE for other purposes:

Then, seaworthy enough for a voyage to Hawaii, Whitehurst reached Pearl Harbor on 10 May and was docked for repairs and alterations.

Once the yard work had been completed and the ship had been converted to a floating power station, Whitehurst departed Pearl Harbor on 25 July 1945, bound for the Philippine Islands. Soon after she reached Luzon, Japan capitulated. Nevertheless, the ship supplied the city of Manila with power from August through Octo ber of 1945.***

Operating as a unit of Escort Division 40, White hurst supplied electrical power to the dredge YM-25 into 1946.

Donnell sailed from Boston 31 August 1943 for transatlantic convoy duty. She guarded the safe passage of four convoys to Londonderry and return in the buildup for the invasion of Europe in June. At sea bound for Londonderry again on her fifth voyage, on 3 May 1944 Donnell made a sound contact, then sighted a periscope a few minutes later and pressed home a depth charge attack. Simultaneously she was struck by a torpedo which blew off her stern. Explosion of her own depth charges inflicted additional damage on the escort. Her casualties were 29 killed and 25 wounded.

Donnell was towed by Reeves (DE-156), Hopping (DE-155), and HMS Samsonia to Dunnstaffnage Bay, Scotland, arriving 12 May. Since repairs would have involved extensive reconstruction, she was placed in commission in reserve at Lisahally, Northern Ireland, 20 June 1944, for use as an accommodation ship. She was reclassified IX-182, 15 July 1944. Towed to Plymouth, England, in July to embark passengers and take on cargo, Donnell was towed in August to Cherbourg, France, where she supplied electric power to shore installations.

In 1946, she was equipped with ship/shore power conversion equipment, with which, during the winter of 1947-48, she provided Portland, Maine, with emergency electric power after normal power resources had failed because of forest fires and lack of rain. In August 1950, Foss took part in rocket experiments at Cape Canaveral, recording data after seaward firings.

Reassigned to the Pacific Fleet, Foss departed Norfolk 29 September 1950, reaching San Diego on 11 October. Six days later, she sailed for duty in the Far East, where her special ability to provide power to the shore was used at Chinnampo, Inchon, and Hungnam in November and December. She arrived at Ulsan Man, Korea on 25 December and remained until 18 August 1951, providing power for an Army unit stationed there.

Subsequently converted to a floating power station—the necessity for ship-to-shore electrical facilities having been proved during the Pacific war—at the Charleston Navy Yard, Wiseman sailed for the Pacific on 11 January 1945. Reporting to Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet, for duty on 17 January 1945 upon transiting the Panama Canal, she set course for the Hawaiian Islands in company with the high speed transport Reeves (APD-52).

Making port at Pearl Harbor on 3 February, the destroyer escort operated for a month in the Hawaiian Islands before setting sail for the Philippines on 3 March. Arriving at Manila on the 23d, she commenced furnishing power to that nearly demolished city on 13 April and, over the next five and one-half months, provided some 5,806,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. In addition, Wiseman's evaporators furnished 150,000 gallons of drinking water to Army facilities in the harbor area and to many small craft. Her radios were also utilized to a great extent. Placed at the disposal of the Navy's port director, the ship's communication outfit was used to handle harbor radio traffic until the director's equipment arrived and was installed ashore.

Following her vital service at Manila and projected operations at Ketchikan, Alaska, shelved, Wiseman shifted to Guam, arriving on 18 December 1945, where she provided power for the Army dredge Harris (YM-25). Departing Guam on 26 March 1946, in company with sistership Whitehurst (DE-634), she paused at Eniwetok, in the Marshalls (28-29 March), then returned to the United States via Pearl Harbor (4-6 April 1946). Decommissioned at San Diego on 31 May 1946, Wiseman was placed in inactivated status on 19 December 1946, then out of commission, in reserve, on 3 February 1947, and moved to Long Beach. Subsequently, the auxiliary ocean tug Koka (ATA-185) towed Wiseman from Long Beach back to San Diego (16-17 November 1948).

After the outbreak of hostilities in Korea in the summer of 1950, the Chief of Naval Operations recommended that Wiseman be "reactivated at the earliest practicable [time] for distant duty including use as [an] Electric Power Supply Ship." Accordingly, Wiseman was recommissioned at San Diego on 11 September 1950, and, under the command of Lt. Comdr. Jay W. Land, rushed to Korea, reaching the port of Mason, near the mouth of the Naktong River, at the western anchor-point of the former beachhead at Pusan. As she had done at Manila in 1945, Wiseman supplied electricity to a city unable to generate its own. Later, the ship provided comforts-of-home to units of the 1st Marine Division quartered on the nearby pier, providing hot showers, cigarettes, and hot meals cooked in the ship's galley. The destroyer escort also provided instruction in seamanship, gunnery, radar, sonar, and damage control to 80 midshipmen from the Republic of Korea (ROK) Naval Academy and 120 ROK Navy enlisted men.

Departing Tokyo 31 August, she sailed for Pearl Harbor, arriving 24 September. There she took an equipment which transformed her into a mobile power unit. With this new asset she returned to Guam 26 October to provide ship‑to‑shore power services until the end of the year.

The destroyer‑escort returned to the United States in early 1946 for shipyard overhaul at San Pedro. On 16 May she once again departed for the South Pacific. Arriving at Kwajalein on the 31st, she provided power to that island until September. She then sailed for Guam where she received orders for Tsingtao and Fusan, Korea, as the 7th Fleet lent support to the aims of American policy in China and in the United States occupation zone of Korea.

Marsh returned to her home port, Pearl Harbor, 31 March 1947 and for the next 3 years operated in the Hawaiian Islands and off the coast of California, deploying in 1948 for 2 months duty at Eniwetok.

Her next Pacific deployment came after the invasion of South Korea by the Communists in June 1950. Marsh arrived at Yokosuka 7 September and departed on the 14th for Pusan, where she supplied power to the city for 2 weeks. On 9 October she entered Inchon Harbor and remained as support for that area’s defense until the end of the month. She supplied power at Masan, a seaport on Chosen Strait, for a month starting 9 November, then turned to Pusan where she remained as a ship‑to‑shore power unit for the remainder of her tour.

On 8 February 1951, at Pusan, several of her crew were credited with heroic actions in fighting fires which had broken out in the Army gasoline dump adjacent to the pier where the ship lay.

The distinguishing characteristics of the converted DEs is the rack of electrical cable amidships after the stack.

While there are other situations in which naval ships have provided emergency power to cities, I do not recall hearing before about these unique "electric ships" or of their use both as warships and as a power source to aid in civil-miliary operations.

Floating power plants exist today, but none of them could also shell the beach or take on submarines.

About the Author

Darrell R. Fleming grew up in Clintwood, Dickenson County, Virginia. He graduated from Union College with majors in English and History/Political Science and from The University of Virginia with a Master of Education degree.

After serving two years in the United States Army as a cryptographer with the Seventh Army in Germany, he began teaching in Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax, Virginia. Mr. Fleming taught nine years at the secondary level and then became an administrator at the high school level before moving to Coordinator of Human Resources for Fairfax County, retiring in 1988.

He now lives with his wife, Kathy, in Blountville, Tennessee and enjoys writing, reading, traveling, golfing, fishing and is an active member and supporter of the Appalachian Authors Guild.

Family, Friends and War Heroes

The story of a seaman who willingly served his country in both the treacherous waters of the Atlantic and raging typhoons of the vast Pacific all the while being concerned about his family back home.
More Info

Pioneer Lady of Southern Appalachia

Well-researched historical fiction detailing the life and travels of Mary Jane Mullins including the trials and challenges of pioneer life and her family’s trek west to finally settle in Southwest Virginia.
More Info

“Started reading this book and couldn’t put it down until I finished. A fascinating account of a thirty-one year old Virginia farmer/coal miner told by one of his seven children. A saga about Truman and Violet Fleming during World War II, of his service aboard the destroyer escort, USS HOPPING, and the struggle for his family to run the farm during his absence. It thoroughly catches the spirit of the men, their trials and tribulations aboard ship. The Fleming family will get to know, love and honor Truman for many generations to come due to this story.”

William H. Wenzel , served as a Lieutenant, USNR, Assistant Gunnery Officer and Communications Officer aboard the USS HOPPING, DE 155/APD 51, July 20, 1943 to October 30, 1945 President of Wenzel Tent Company, a nationwide camping business (retired) Owner and operator of a cattle farm for the past twenty years.

“This book documents some of the important events of World War II which were experienced by the author’s family, especially his father who served as a sailor aboard the USS HOPPING. Fleming’s in-depth research of this ship and other men aboard the Hopping, along with his personal notes throughout, make this a very interesting and accurate account of an important period of our country’s history. A number of dramatic personal stories of these sailors' experiences make it even more compelling. I believe this book would make a solid contribution to our understanding of the American people and our men in service during this period of our history.”

Helen E. Grenga , Ph. D., author, Movies on the Fantail, (Yeoman Press, 2001) Associate Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, Georgia Tech (retired).

“Commenced reading the book, read until 01:00 AM, went to bed and had a difficult time falling asleep as so many instances experienced by the men aboard this ship just kept coming to mind. The old saying, “Been there. Done that.”, was so very real. It is an interesting story of the impact World War II had on this nation, the family of Truman and Violet Fleming as well as the officers and men who served aboard a destroyer escort. The use of personal and family information as well as the ship’s log with dates, events and actual stories about the men who were there is commendable and provides the continuity which kept the entire story flowing from page to page.”

Thomas L. Kidd , served as a radarman and Petty Officer aboard the USS K. M. WILLETT, DE 354 from 1944 to 1946 Past President, Destroyer Escort Sailors Association (DESA) Manager, General Electric Metal Fabrication, Drive Systems Department (retired).

“The story of Mary Jane Mullins has always fascinated me. The author brought her story to life in this book along with the way it was for a pioneer family on the move in 1829. She made the difficult trip from North Carolina to Holly Creek in Southwest Virginia as a fourteen year old with her father and two brothers to establish a homestead on the fringe of America’s frontier. She chose to stay alone in this wilderness while her father returned to North Carolina for his family and her brothers visited relatives a day’s journey away. She raised her own large family in this environment and lived to see it grow into a village and eventually the county’s seat of government. Pioneer Lady is a treasure. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I have.”

Betty Mullins Belcher , officer of the Historical Society of Pound, VA

“Pioneer Lady gives the reader insight into how difficult life was for the pioneer homesteaders who settled this country. We can only construct a mental picture of the conditions that then existed. The hardships and challenges Mary Jane Mullins endured are difficult to imagine in today’s world of modern conveniences. She had to take on adult responsibilities at an early age and much of her life was spent in ceaseless toil providing her family with the necessities of life. The author has successfully and accurately presented a “peek” into the life of the first family of Clintwood and its first Pioneer Lady.”

Mary Hylton , President of the Dickenson County Historical Society and retired educator of Dickenson County

Darrell Fleming frequently attends local and regional literary functions as well as signing events around the region.

If you would like to contact Darrell Fleming regarding his work, his books, events he is attending, or for any other reason, please complete the form and click "Send". Alternatively, you can also contact him directly at:

Service history [ edit | edit source ]

Donnell sailed from Boston on 31 August 1943 for trans-Atlantic convoy duty. She guarded the safe passage of four convoys to Derry and return in the buildup for the invasion of Europe in June. At sea bound for Derry again on her fifth voyage, on 3 May 1944 Donnell made a sound contact, then sighted a periscope a few minutes later and pressed home a depth charge attack on German submarine U-473. Simultaneously she was struck by a torpedo which blew off her stern. Explosion of her own depth charges inflicted additional damage on the escort. Her casualties were 29 killed and 25 wounded. Arriving after a 300-mile dash in response to a call from Donnell, an 18-hour hunt by the 2nd Support Group under Captain Frederic John Walker began which brought U-473 to the surface, where she was sunk by gunfire.

Donnell was towed by Reeves (DE-156), Hopping (DE-155), and HMS Samsonia to Dunstaffnage Bay, Scotland, arriving there on 12 May. Since repairs would have involved extensive reconstruction, she was placed in commission in reserve at Lisahally, Northern Ireland, on 20 June 1944, for use as an accommodation ship.

Electric power supplies were needed at newly captured ports on in France before the electric grid and electric power generating stations could be returned to service. Since Donnell had a large turbo-electric generator, but was not able to sail by herself because of the damage she had sustained, the ship was converted to an electric power barge and reclassified IX-182 on 15 July 1944. Donnell was towed to Plymouth, England, in July to embark passengers, take on cargo, and have electric power cables installed in place of her torpedo tubes. Donnell was towed in August to Cherbourg, France, where she supplied electric power to shore installations. The experiment was such a success, that a few other destroyer escorts had their torpedo tubes removed and replaced by electric power cables and power supply equipment for use at other locations.

In February 1945 she was returned to England, and served as barracks ship at Portland and Plymouth until towed back to the United States, arriving at the Philadelphia Navy Yard on 18 July 1945. She was decommissioned on 23 October 1945, and sold for scrap on 29 April 1946.


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