Help me identify this pin?

Help me identify this pin?

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Came upon this pin in a box of stuff from my grandfather:

The back has a little inscription, and a screw-on back that makes it clear this pin is designed to not come off accidentally:

My grandfather moved to Aspen, CO when he was 9 and spent his entire life there. He was a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles but this doesn't seem related to that. I thought "H.S." might be "High School" but he attended Aspen High School.

How can I learn more about this item?


  • He never worked for General Electric
  • These guys don't know what it is either (that's not my grandfather's pin but it's identical)
  • LGB has been identified as meaning the pin was produced by the L. G. Balfour company. Balfour stopped making pins 25+ years ago; their lapel pin line was taken over by Stylecraft USA. Neither Balfour nor Stylecraft have records that go before 1999.
  • "1/10 10K GF" means that it is "Gold Filled": it's covered with a layer of 10 K gold that constitutes one tenth of the weight of the pin.
  • There is a Gardner Edgerton High School in Gardner, KS, and my grandfather was born in White Rock, KS, but the two places are 230 miles apart. And the school wasn't built until 2000.
  • His wife (my grandmother) was Head Nurse at Cincinnati General Hospital in 1919 (in case "H.S." means something like "Health Systems")
  • I emailed Classic Medallics, hoping the "M" was their logo, but they replied "Sorry this is not our pin or box"
  • I emailed The Academy, they replied "Unfortunately we never handed out pins like that to our health system GE Fellows. We started this program back in 2005 for high potential leaders that are about 1-3 steps away from taking on a c-suite level role (CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CNO, etc.) at a health system."
  • I contacted General Electric and they recommended I email The Museum of Innovation and Science (formerly, the Schenectady Museum Hall of Electrical History) as they have archives of GE company history and photos from the 1880s to the present. I have done so.

(Too much for a comment, but not a definitive answer)

LGB stands for Lloyd Garfield Balfour, who founded the L.G. Balfour company in 1913.

One source indicates that LGB was used as a mark in 1944. Another source indicates that LGB was used between 1922 and 1963.

Neither the International Encyclopedia of Secret Societies and Fraternal Orders (Axelrod, 1997) nor the massive Encyclopedia of Associations (52nd ed.) contains any associations with initials G.E.-H.S.

Rather than a two-word "G.E." phrase joined with another two-word "H.S." phrase, this might be a three-word phrase where the middle word is hyphenated, something like Grand English-Hellenic Society.

Choose one from: Grand, Great, Global, General,…
and one from: English, Eastern,…
and one from: Hellenic, Hibernian,…
plus: Society

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